Bath University women's quad

Start order

Start order as at 0645 on Friday, 22 November 2019:


  • The CRIs shown on these start orders are as at Friday, 22 November but the baseline for bands (see below)  and substitutions was set at close of entries on Friday, 8 November.
  • Some crews have had their race number changed since the provisional draw was issued (due to crews being reallocated to different bands). The numbers shown on the final start order and in BROE2 are the correct ones.
  • Information about how to make substitutions can be found at the bottom of the Entries page. All substitutions MUST be declared.

Note: A crew is defined by its BROE2 seven-digit Crew ID number. Crews MUST race under the Start Number allocated to that Crew ID – your club’s BROE2 administrators will be able to tell you what it is (or see published start crew lists, on this website, to make sure you know where your crew is starting). Where more than one club crew has been entered in a single event, it is the responsibility of the club concerned to ensure their crews race under the start number allocated to that crew by the event; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Crews and coaches MUST make sure they’ve made themselves VERY familiar with the Instructions for Crews.

Band boundaries

Event (in Band 1 start order) Top Band 2 125% B2 Top Band 3 125% B3
Op Club 4x- 806 1007
Op Club 4- 1754 2192
Op Academic 4x-
Op Academic 4+ 1363 1703
Op Academic 4-
Op Sch/Jun 4x- 1578 1972
Op Club 4+ 1996 2495 827 1033
Op Sch/Jun 4+ 1370 1712
W Club 4x 1037 1296
W Academic4x-
Op Sch/Jun 4- 763 953
W Club 4- 882 1102
W Sch/Jun 4x- 1580 1975
W Academic 4- 578 722
W Academic 4+ 312 390
W Club 4+ 971 1213
W Sch/Jun 4+ 314 392
W Sch/Jun 4-
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