Lea RC men's coxless four


The HOR4s has a capacity of 480 crews. Entries are invited in quad sculls, coxless fours and coxed fours in the following events:

OPEN Club Academic School/Junior
WOMEN Club Academic School/Junior


CLUB: Open to crews from any registered British or overseas club that do not qualify for Academic or School/Junior.

ACADEMIC: Open to crews representing a single British or overseas academic institution at which all of the rowers/scullers are current, full-time students. Coxes of Academic crews may be from any club (academic or otherwise). Composites are not permitted in Academic events, with the exception that the cox may belong to a different club. Any student crew not meeting the above criteria may still enter a Club event. Crews which are eligible for Sch/Junior should enter those events and not Academic.

SCHOOL/JUNIOR: Open to crews where all sculling/rowing members were born after 23 November 2000 and meet the requirements of the British Rowing Rules of Racing 4-3c. Composites are not permitted in School/Junior events. Please note that under our conditions of entry all coxes must be J17 or older. Coxes of junior crews do not need to be junior themselves.

The HOR4s reserves the right to limit School/Junior entries to 160 (one third of our overall capacity), and to a maximum of four crews per event per institution.

We have no categories for masters crews (although the Veteran Fours Head which takes place the following day does) or coxed quads.

How to enter

  • Entries opened on British Rowing Online Entries (BROE2) on Monday, 30 September 2019. All entries must be made via BROE2.
    (Tip: members can renew up to 8 weeks before their membership expires and retain their renewal date.)
    Scottish and overseas competitors and entries secretaries:
    If you previously had a BROE2 login, this will no longer work due to a system change: contact onlineentry@BritishRowing.org to get access.
    If you have never had access to BROE2, register here https://britishrowing.azolve.com/.
  • Entries will close at noon on Friday, 8 November 2019. The first 480 live, PAID entries, without placeholders, which meet all required criteria will be accepted. These will be marked as Accepted in BROE2 before or shortly after the close of entries. No further entries can be accepted after the close of entries.
    Entries received so far are:

    Date and time Total entries received/accepted (max 480) Sch/Jun entries received/accepted (max 160)
    8 October 2019, 8am 305/128 156/67
    9 October 2019, 8am 368/199 176/88
    10 October 2019, 8am 420/254 178/99
    11 October 2019, 8am 487/386 177/166
    12 October 2019, 9am 514/425 178/166
    13 October 2019, 9am 516/432 178/166
    14 October 2019, 8.30am 535/456 178/166
    15 October 2019, 8am 560/480 177/166
    16 October 2019, 8am 559/480 177/166
    17 October 2019, 8am 558/480 177/166
    18 October 2019, 8am 553/480 177/166
    23 October 2019, 8am 550/482
    Entries Sec accepted a few extra under pressure…
    …in anticipation of withdrawals
    26 October 2019, 8am 549/482 179/167
    28 October 2019, 8am 547/482 179/167
    29 October 2019, 8am 545/483 179/167
    31 October 2019, 8am 543/482 178/166
    1 November 2019, 8am 539/485 177/167
    2 November 2019, 8am 538/490 177/167
    3 November 2019, 8am 537/490 177/167
    4 November 2019, 8am 536/490 177/167
    5 November 2019, 8am 534/490 177/167
    6 November 2019, 8am 531/490 177/167
    7 November 2019, 8am 529/490 175/165
    8 November 2019, 8.30am 518/490 172/164

    UPDATE: Friday, 11 October, 8am: School/Junior events were suspended for new entries at 2pm yesterday. We have accepted slightly more than our quota of 160 in  the expectation of withdrawals. We will accept further crews already on the system in the order in which they have met all the criteria for acceptance (no placeholders, host club, paid, queries resolved) as further withdrawals are received to make 160 at the official close of entries.
    UPDATE: Monday, 14 October 4.20pm: All events have now been suspended for new entries. A single waiting list is being operated for the Club and Academic events in addition to the Sch/Jun waiting list: entries which meet all of the criteria for acceptance will be accepted from these in the order in which they became acceptable as withdrawals are received. More details here >>

  • Entry fees (£70 per crew) should be be made either via the Online Entry system, or by direct payment into our bank account (see event notes in Online Entry system for account details). Payment will be treated as being received when it shows in our bank account.
    Entry fees will be refunded for crews that are withdrawn before the close of entries: please contact entries@hor4s.com. Entry fees will not be refunded for crews scratched after the close of entries or if the event is cancelled.
  • Visiting crews must get permission to boat from a host club on the Tideway before entering.
  • Owing to limited space for trailers, visiting clubs wishing to boat from Putney must get permission from us to do so BEFORE requesting boating permission from a Putney host club. Contact entries@hor4s.com to request Putney trailer access/confirm you will not be bringing a trailer to Putney on race day. Trailer/boating access will be granted (until the maximum is reached), if you meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Your trailer has at least five boats FOR OUR RACE on it.
    2. You are not bringing a trailer because you’re borrowing boats from a Putney club.
    3. Your boats will have been left with a Putney club before race day and will be collected at a later date, so you will have no trailer movement on Putney Embankment on race day.
    4. You are bringing your boat on a car roof top, to be unloaded very early and the car removed.
    5. Your boats are coming on someone else’s trailer who has already got Trailer Access Permission from us (give us the other club’s name).

    Additionally we can give provisional Trailer Access Permission for a trailer with fewer than five of your boats for our race, with a definite, credible commitment to give trailer space to other club/s you know.

  • Before being entered, competitors who have recently moved to the UK after previously rowing in another country should contact British Rowing (by emailing membership@britishrowing.org or phoning 020 8237 6700) to ensure that they are allocated an appropriate Personal Ranking Index.

Conditions of entry

  • The race is held under British Rowing’s Rules of Racing, Code of Conduct and Row Safe; the Instructions to Crews; and any other instructions issued by the Committee.
  • In the event of a serious transgression either before, during or after the race (e.g. undeclared substitutions, unsafe behaviour, or behaviour deemed to be unsportsmanlike) the Committee may disqualify not just the crew involved but all crews from the Club it represents and refuse entries in future years.
  • The Committee does not accept any liability for crews or their equipment.
  • No crew or competitor may compete in more than one event.
  • The committee reserves the right to reject crews entered if there is concern that a crew may cause danger to itself or others. All crew members entered should be capable of completing a ten mile outing and being on the water for up to three hours.
  • All coxes must be J17 or older i.e. have been born on or before 31 August 2003. Younger coxes may be accepted if evidence of their competence and experience is sent to the Entries Secretary entries@hor4s.com.
  • If a substitution made after the close of entries causes a crew’s CRI to be too high for its band, it will no longer be eligible for that band prize although it will be eligible for the overall prize for its event.
  • Crews given permission to race for Time Only will be given a time but will not be awarded a finish position in the published results.

Band guidelines and marshalling

Events may be split into Bands, depending on the number of entries. Banding will be based on CRI but crews can also select to compete in Band 1 when they enter even if their points or experience do not require this. The number and size of the bands will depend on the number of entries in a particular event.

If the entry in a particular Event is very small it will only have a single band, but if the crews in it have very different CRI we reserve the right to set them off in different parts of the start order, even though they will be competing for a single prize.

The top Band for each of the 18 events (Open/Women, Club/Academic/School-Junior, Quads/Coxless fours/coxed fours) will be assigned a start number in one of the earlier marshalling divisions (expected to be Div 1 or Div 2).

When entering, crews will be asked in BROE2 whether they must or would like to race in Band 1 irrespective of their CRI (subject to entries and the final decision of the Race Committee). Follow these guidelines to choose an appropriate answer:

Band 1: Championship criteria

Crews must opt for Band 1: Championship if they contain crew members who have competed (in either rowing or sculling) within the last THREE years at any of the following events:

  • The Olympic regatta.
  • The World Championships.
  • A World Cup regatta.
  • The Under 23 World Championships.
  • The Junior World Championships.
  • The Oxford-Cambridge University Boat Races (Blue or Reserve races, but not Lightweight).
  • A semi-final at Henley Royal Regatta.
  • A final of a Championship/Elite event at Henley Women’s Regatta.

They may also choose Band 1 if:

  • Some or all of the crew were top 5 finishers from last year (in an overall category e.g. Women’s Quads).
  • Expected boat speed is fast or a crew is the top crew of multiple entries in the same event from a single club.

If you choose Band 1 (without being required to select it), please state in the Notes part of your entry on BROE2 WHY you believe it is safe and appropriate for the crew to go off with the fastest entries.

How to make substitutions

All substitutions MUST be made at least 1 hour before the race starts. Any crew subsequently found to contain undeclared substitutes will be disqualified.

  • Until the close of entries, you can make any number of substitutions in BROE2.
  • Between the close of entries and an hour before the race starts, you can substitute up to 50% of the rowing/sculling members of the crew plus the cox in BROE2.
  • If you need to substitute more than 50% of the rowers/scullers, you may request to race for Time Only. As it is not possible to make these subs on BROE2:
    Up to 10pm the day before the race, contact the Entries Secretary (entries@hor4s.com)
    On race day: go to race HQ at Chiswick Pier House, Corney Reach Way, Chiswick, London W4 2UG, email subs@hor4s.com, or call 07775 504526.

Got a question?

Please contact the Entries Secretary Richard du Parcq on 020 8392 9070 (until 10 PM on the day before race day) or entries@hor4s.com. For urgent enquiries on race day only, call 07808 165218.

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