Bath University women's quad


  • 2018 start order
    Note: This was published on Wednesday, 24 October 2018 with baseline at close of entries. Since then the following amendments have been made and timing gaps between some categories have now been specified.
    – Crew 195 UWE (A) to start before crew 12.
    – Crew 52 Goldie (A) to start before crew 40.
    – Crew 45 ISIS (A) to start before crew 42.
    – Crew 159 Shiplake (Time Only) to start after crew 208 (boat type changed).
    The FINAL starting order is shown in our Marshalling Card which can be downloaded from the Crew Info page.
  • 2018 entries by boating location.

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For anything else, please email and cc

Note: Events have been divided into bands based on both the number of entries in the event and the spread of their CRIs.

Band maximums for events with more than one band

Event Top CRI of Band 125% of Top CRI of Band
4+ Club: Challenge (Band 2) 1140 1425
4+ Club: Intermediate (Band 3) 332 415
4+ Academic: Challenge (Band 2) 928 1160
4+ School/Junior: Challenge (Band 2) 1034 1293
4- Club: Challenge (Band 2) 1531 1914
4- Club Intermediate (Band 3) 897 1121
4x Club: Challenge (Band 2) 896 1120
4x School/Junior: Challenge (Band 2) 956 1195
W4+ Club: Challenge (Band 2) 759 949
W4+ Academic: Challenge (Band 2) 598 748
W4+ School/Junior: Challenge (Band 2) 529 661
W4- Club: Challenge (Band 2) 1278 1598
W4x Club: Challenge (Band 2) 535 668
W4x School/Junior: Challenge (Band 2) 1059 1324

Note 1: Substitutions which take a crew’s CRI over 125% of the top CRI in their band become ineligible for the Band prize but are still considered for the overall event prize.

Note 2: Subs which significantly reduce a crew’s CRI and whose speed is now likely to be significantly slower than neighbouring crews potentially causing safety issue, should contact the Chief Umpire at

A crew is defined by its BROE2 seven-digit Crew ID number. Crews MUST race under the Start Number allocated to that Crew ID – your club’s BROE2 administrators will be able to tell you what it is (or see published start crew lists, on this website, to make sure you know where your crew is starting). Where more than one club crew has been entered in a single event, it is the responsibility of the club concerned to ensure their crews race under the start number allocated to that crew by the event; failure to do so will result in disqualification.