Exeter University women's coxed four

Crew info

The documents linked to below are essential reading if you’re racing (particularly if you are coxing or steering), briefing crews, or driving a trailer to Putney or Furnivall Gardens.

Overtaking rule

ALL crews have a responsibility to avoid a collision whether they are overtaking or being overtaken and may be penalised or disqualified if judged to have contributed to a collision.

Crews which are being overtaken:

  • Should maintain their course. They may give way to a faster crew if they can do so safely.
  • MUST NOT alter course to impede an overtaking crew.
  • Should make their cox aware of any overtaking crew, particularly if they are in a bow-coxed boat.

Crews which are overtaking:

  • Should establish their intended overtaking line as early and as clearly as possible.
  • Should not expect slower crews to give way although such crews may do so. Note: this rule is different from most head races where the slower crew must give way. This is because of the mixture of boat types (including bow-loaders) within the HOR4s.

Complaints and appeals

Any complaints about the behaviour of other crews during the course of the race must be made to the Chief Umpire at Chiswick Pier House, Corney Reach Way, Chiswick, London W4 2UG or online by clicking here within one hour of the last crew crossing the finish line (i.e. complaint must be made before 15:45 hrs).

Crews have until 15:45 hrs on Sunday, 4 November 2018 to make any appeals over penalties or the published result order. Appeals should be sent by email to the Chief Umpire (umpire@hor4s.com), and copied to the Hon Secretary (secretary@hor4s.com) and Entries Secretary (entries@hor4s.com).